“As long as I respect the speed limits, my trips won’t be visible for my parents„

Morgane, 18 years old, daughter of Paul and Sofie

“Thomas always drives our car when he goes out with friends. With the RookieDongle we’re confident he’s driving carefully„

Marie, mother of Thomas, 21 years old

“My parents give me responsibility and aren’t worried anymore … even when I get home at 3 in the morning„

Leen, 23 years old, daughter of Luc and Emilie

Protecting young drivers

The RookieDongle® is a tiny device that plugs into your cars ODB port. It has a built-in GPS and mobile connection, so it's always connected to the cloud.

It is designed to protect young drivers and their passengers against extreme driving. Parents or guardians are notified instantly via SMS or email in case of reckless driving – like serious speeding, sudden acceleration, harsh braking, and extreme RPM levels.

Each trip and driver gets a score, neatly displayed in your secure account. If the rookie is driving within the tolerance level, the locations, speeds, times of departure or arrival remain invisible to the parents. Sounds like a fair deal?

Order nowHow does it work?

Always keep tabs on your kid’s driving behavior. To measure is to know.

SMS and/or email alerts

Configurable notifications will inform you instantly of any severe, extreme or lethal driving behavior, 24/7.

Trip reports

Get insights into your young drivers' skills with reports for all trips with reckless driving, including detailed maps.

Feedback moments

Our monthly reports are an indispensable tool in educating your rookie, inviting guidance and positive evaluation.

24/7 peace of mind

No more worrying and sleepless nights if the kids go out by car. In case of reckless driving, you will be personally notified via alerts allowing you to intervene.

Protect your Rookie and passengers

By eliminating the factor speed, you make accidents due to alcohol, group pressure, fatigue, texting, … less dangerous. Speed determines to a large extent the severity of the accident and the injuries.

More experience thanks to more autonomy

Experience is gained by driving often and that is exactly what most parents worry about. Thanks to RookieDongle, you as parents are always a virtual passenger.

Full Privacy while driving safely

The best reward for the young driver: if you drive safely, we won't disclose your locations, speed and time use. This way, there is no need to rush after a nice party to be home in time.

Cheaper insurance

If you drive with a RookieDongle you are eligible for the SafetyStick insurance policy and pay up to half less! Read more …

Driving behavior becomes open for discussion

A monthly report with objective figures makes the driving style open for discussion with the rookie. Parents gain insight in the driving style of the young driver and can intervene where necessary.

Dissuasive effect

The mere idea that the parents are virtually present in the car via the RookieDongle has a dissuasive effect.

Fraud is reported immediately

To prevent fraud, unplugging and replugging of the RookieDongle is immediately reported with detail of date, time and location. It is up to you to think of an appropriate punishment.

“The RookieDongle lets us sleep soundly again”

Caroline and Marc, parents of Audrey, 24 years
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