Privacy Policy

All your data (personal information, times/dates, position, direction, speed, RPM acceleration, deceleration, ...) are only stored and processed in order to provide the services requested by you.

Your data will not be shared, lent out, sold or made available in any other way to third parties, unless you give us your explicit consent hereto or if we are obliged to by court.

The activation of the Privacy Mode allows the trip information (location, time/date) to be made invisible when the driver adheres to the pre-set limits. “If you drive safely, your trips, locations and times/dates are invisible for your parents”, is an extra motivation for the young driver to drive safely at all times.

The data capturing, transmission, processing and storage can be stopped at any time by simply removing the Dongle from the OBD port before or during a trip.

We make use of the most recent security technologies to protect your data to the maximum.

For all questions, remarks and comments on our privacy policy or the protection of your data, you can always contact us at

Our privacy policy is an integral part of our General Conditions.