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Small children small worries, big children big worries

Our children reach the age at which they yearn for their driving license and associated freedom. Looking back at our own college years with sporty driving style and a good portion of luck, we realise that for us as parents this will bring about sleepless nights.

Our youngsters have grown up with virtual speed and with the associated virtual lives in video race games and, mea culpa, we have not always set the right example ourselves. Considering the ever increasing traffic, the more complex traffic situations and the more powerful cars, we would rather have them postpone obtaining that driving license for a while.

However, they want to stand on their own two feet so fast …

Time for us dads to rollup our sleeves

If technology allows to detect speed checks, then the opposite must be possible as well. The unique principle here is to compare the driving speed with the speed limit that is valid at that particular location.

Simple question, but finding the solution was a little more challenging. Is this possible in real-time? What to do with fraud (our young people are quite clever, aren’t they)? How to deal with inappropriate behavior within the speed limits? How expensive is this going to be? What with privacy?

An enthusiastic team

Paul Janssens, father of 2 daughters (16 and 18 years old), holder of an engineering degree with years of experience in technology and Christophe Neyt, father of a daughter and son (13 and 15 years old), marketer with over 20 years of automotive experience, joined their forces.

Gradually the team grew as product designers, IT developers, database experts, security gurus, graphic designers, enthusiastic testers, … joined. This collaboration resulted in the RookieDongle.


A Rookie is a promising new professional in the world of sports (golf, basketball, racing, football, …). A Dongle is a small piece of hardware that can be connected to a device via Plug & Play.

Be cautious

The RookieDongle Team