“I’am insured for only €94 per quarter„

Louise, 22 years, just graduated

“I always drive correct and have a cheaper insurance„

Lucas, 39 years, self employed

“With SafetyStick I pay a lot less than before„

Constant, 66 years, retired

How does it work?

You install the RookieDongle into the car and give us permission to share your driving score with the insurance company. Details such as location, time, specifics speeds, ... are not shared. You can stop sharing information at any time.

If you drive within agreed limits you enjoy super advantageous conditions.

Cheaper Insurance

Thanks to the SafetyStick insurance policy good driving behavior is rewarded with a cheaper car insurance.

Example 1: female, 22 years, Fiat 500
Civil Liability for €94 per quarter.

Example 2: male, 39 years, new Audi A6
Civil Liability and Full Omnium for €250 per quarter.

Example 3: male, 66 years, BMW 3
Civil Liability and extensive Omnium for €222 per quarter.

Obligation free quote

The Safety Stick insurance is distributed through authorized brokers. If you want to know more, feel free to request an obligation free quote at SafetyStick.be.