Badge or iButton

Badge or iButton

Identification of driver and passengers

For the identification of driver and passengers the ProDongle Blackbox can be extended with a Badge or iButton reader. By working with a buzzer the driver is obliged to identify himself.

Identification with a Badge or iButton is an extension of the Blackbox.

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Badge - iButton

1. Install reader and buzzer

When installing the Blackbox an iButton- or Badge reader and corresponding buzzer can be added. The installation can be done on site by our own installation team.

2. Clear reporting

Each time a trip is started, the buzzer goes off. It only stops after the driver has identified himself. If applicable, drivers and passengers can badge in or out at the start or during the trip.

The trips are automatically linked to the driver for reporting via our extensive Application. The badging of drivers and passengers allows detailed working hours reports.

Badge - iButton
RFID reader protocol
ISO14443-Type A

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