Track & Trace

Know where your fleet is

Knowing where your fleet, trailers and equipment are allows you to plan more efficiently and respond more flexibly to unforeseen needs of your customers.

The ProDongle Plug & Play and Blackbox register up to 20 positions per minute. These are displayed in real time on professional maps together with satellite images and current traffic information. Our application works in all European countries at no additional cost.

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Extended Reporting

Once the trackers start registering, you have access to live positions, daily and monthly trip overviews, working hours, kilometres driven, driving behaviour, ... No more endless administration or annoying discussions with employees or clients.

The application is developed internally allowing flexible response the needs of our clients. All information is kept for 3 years. So you can always go back in time.

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Track & Trace

Many additional modules

Our comprehensive solutions enable the organisation and automation of all aspects of modern personnel & fleet management.

Specific applications have been developed for a number of industries. In our testimonials satisfied customers give inspiration on how we have helped them.