When is a stopover of type stop created

A trip ends when the engine is stopped for a duration of minimum 5 minutes. The duration for ending a trip after 5 minutes can not be changed as the logic to end a trip is on Dongle level. The trips have to be determined on dongle level to be able to correctly calculate the distance, even if there is (temporarily) no connection with the server of if the location can not be determined due to bad GPS positioning.

A stopover is by default created when a vehicle has for a duration of minimum 120 seconds no speed during a trip. The duration before a stopover is created can be changed to a different number of seconds with a minimum of 20 seconds. When determining a different duration for the creation of a stopover please consider that a small value can result in wrong stopovers when the vehicle is at a standstill at traffic lights or in traffic jam.

For the time being, the duration for the creation of a stopover can only be adjusted by us. Please provide us with another value if you wish to adjust this parameter.